Jim Adkins

Jim has been involved in recording since the age of 17. He has won several awards in a Virginia songwriting contest in Jazz, Acoustic Rock and Gospel. His most notable award is the 1999 Billboard Song Contest, placing 2nd in the jazz category out of thousands of entries.

His musical influences include Rock, Southern Rock, Country and Jazz which will be recognized in his style of playing.

Currently playing in a praise and worship band in a Vineyard Church in Virginia, Jim writes acoustic Rock, Jazz and Christian music. His inspirations of songwriting comes from God, family and positive things of life.

At the age of 39, he is married and has 2 children. He is currently working on another instrumental/jazz CD due to be released early 2000. Releases on his upcoming cd has already won awards in Billboard Contest.

Here are what some of the critics have to say:

"Jim is obviously a player who knows the importance of melody. The soothing tracks are carried along by his intuitive understanding of the lines the listener craves."

Allen Foster Songerwriters monthly magazine.

"Jim Adkins Just Chillin has become a staple of our Sunday Night Jazz Show".

Marc Neiman Music Director of Wdyl Radio Station.

"Just Chillin is a fine album, great guitar catchy melodies and solid support".

Armando Canales, The Critical Review.

Currently cd's from Jim's project have sold all over the U.S. and in other Countries. Be sure to check it out. Sit back and chill while listening to his music.

Jim Adkins - Just Chillin

Admirers of instrumental music should direct their attention to Jim's album Just Chillin. You will hear catchy guitar music witch melodies staying in mind. His musical influences include Rock, Southern Rock, Country and Jazz which will be recognized in his style of playing. But beyond of all influences one should categorize his music simply as good.

The starting tune Wind Dancing reveals a clear acoustic guitar sound with the knowledge of heartgoing melodies. Jim repeats the first theme with his distorting electric guitar and turns the setting contrasts to the acoustic guitar sound again. 

In His Spirit, a romantic acoustic guitar melody, reveals Jim 's affinity and faith in God. If you read his CD-booklet, you will find the affirment under Special Thanks.

Movin On is the next guitar tune mixing acoustic and distortion guitars. Jim devellops a combination of solo and melody parts playing in an easy way only masters of guitar can play.

Serenity is a slow tune with an measured acoustic guitar melody. The romantic guitar mood is perfectly supported by keyboard sounds.

Just Chillin, the title piece, prolongs this romantic mood. Jim loves the great melody and even his solos, he spreads in, are only serving this melody. Jazzy elements are only an ornament for his music.

Big City Dreams is surely a winner, a hooky melody not leaving your brain. Brian Lile rounds up the melody with phat trumpet sections. The song is worth to get airplay on all Smooth Jazz radiostations as all other tunes on this album.

Joyful Moments is another acoustic guitar tune with another catchy melody. You can really compare Jim's music with those of Craig Chaquico.

The beginning theme of Mighty Warrior reminds me a little of a tune of Supertramp. May be one of Jim's Rock influences? His guitar play is as always perfect and professional.

The final tune Remembering is obvoiusly the hook to let remember the wonderful melodies of this album. The overall playtime of this album is  36:33. May be a little bit short, but Jim consiliates us with his romantic tunes.