Albert Calvo

Albert began his music career at the age of seven and showed great interest in playing guitar in particular. In no time he was replicating the popular songs of the day.

During the high school years Albert formed a band which successfully supported and played alongside Austarlian bands including Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Ray Brown and the Whispers, Dinah Lee, and the Easybeats. Many of these big name artists were impressed with young Albert's original compositions and encouraged him to continue in music.

During the mid 1970s Albert moved to Sydney to persue a passion in classical guitar. The next 8 years proved to be a formative period in Albert's career as he studied with some of the world's finestclassical musicians including Dr. Peter Calvo, Turibo Santos, Oscar Caseres and John Willians.

During this time Albert performed in the premier performance of Australian Composer Peter Scuthorp's „Conquest of Mexico" which was headed by the late great jazz guitarist Joe Pass and classical guitar virtuoso John Williams. Albert then formed the Sydney Guitar Duo which went on to perform for Musica Viva all over Australia and New Zealand.

Albert then became artist in residence for the North Queensland Arts Company and began to turn his interest to jazz music. Switching back to electric guitar Albert became involved with Australian jazz great George Golla and many lessons thereafter saw a new personality emerge with a new direction. Composition and songwriting became an integral part of that new direction which was evolved into the recent recording of his debut CD „Pass it On".

Albert has been involved in both the production of soundtracks for television and the session scene. Currently he works as a freelance musician playing at various jazz festivals and venues around Sydney and has also established his own business producing high quality backing tapes for other artists.


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Albert Calvo - Pass it on




Joe Pass aka Joseph Anthony Passalaqua is one of the great and most significant guitar virtuoso of the past century. His albums released for the label Pablo made him famous worldwide. He played with Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, Milt Jackson, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. Until his death of cancer he stayed active as guitarplayer. 

His influence on many guitarists worldwide is indisputable. Albert  Calvo performed in the premier performance of Australian Composer Peter Scuthorp's „Conquest of Mexico" which was headed by the late great jazz guitarist Joe Pass and classical guitar virtuoso John Williams. So it's not unusual, that Albert Calvo choosed this play on word as title for his album.

Albert Calvo , who plays acoustic and electric guitars, assembled good musicians among others such alike Christopher Soulos, bass, Noel Elmowy, keyboards and synthbass, Philip Elmowy on percussion.

Good friends, the opening track, begins with keyboard chords presenting Calvo's melodious guitar. Followed by Elmowy's contemplative piano play Calvo showcases with a nice guitar solo his own virtuosity on this instrument. As Albert Calvo remarks,  "Its Smooth Jazz all the way".

Pass it on, obviously a tribute to the lost hero of Jazz Joe Pass, manifests Calvo's more jazzy side. A first visit card of Latin Jazz feelin',  the easy played piece ends with Latin percussion.

Selah is a slow tempo and romantic guitar piece combining acoustic and electric guitar wonderfully supported by Elmowy's keyboards and Andrew Oh's dreamy sax solo. 

The slow mood continues on Insights. Calvo plays thoughtfully and heartreaching his acoustic guitar sensibly accompagnied by string sounds.

On Virtual Samba Albert Calvo starts the Latin part of his album. Full of expression besides Calvo's guitar play are Casey Greene's flute solo and the driving Samba percussion section build up by  Philip Elmowoy and Steve Gadd.

The Samba sound stays on Yours Forever remembering on Don Burrow's latin work.

Super 60 Strut is a more uptempo tune with changing beats, some Latin Jazz, some Funk, some Fusion and a lot of solos of guitar (Albert Calvo), saxophone (Andrew Webb), piano (Noel Elmowoy) and percussion (Philip Elmowoy and Steve Gadd).

On Calious Groove one can hear a nice Hammond B3-organ solo besides grandmaster Calvo's guitar play. A funky impression offers the inset of a plucked bass near to the end.

Calvo finishs in Latin style with the Samba tune It's Worth the Wait framed by Albert Calvo 's contemplative acoustic guitar solo .

Pass it on is a worthy addition for lovers of Smooth and Latin Jazz and  is still getting an enormous amount of air play around australia.