GrooveLogic is a six-person Contemporary Jazz Coalition that knows
the POWER OF THE GROOVE and they prove it every time they hit the stage! Whether they are interpreting their own unique tunes or putting a different “spin” on songs from the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Seal and other’s, this band transcends technique and gets right to the heart of the music. Audiences throughout Florida have marveled at GrooveLogic’s versatility and musicianship. A potent mix of groove,
refinement and improvisation creates an exciting musical experience!

 GrooveLogic was formed in January 1995 and has been performing and recording ever since. They have recently released their second CD entitled “Follow The Groove” With this release the band’s goal is to reach a wider audience, through radio air play and live concerts. The new CD has been added to the play list of WLOQ Smooth Jazz Winter Park Florida.  

They interpret their own original tunes or put a different spin on popular songs from many styles and musical eras. 


Our new CD "Follow The Groove " is finished and it sounds great! We have 11 great songs (9 originals and 2 covers).

Groupmembers are:

  • Steve Luciano ------------------ Guitar

  • Chuck Archard ------------------- Bass

  • Larry Hendrixson ------------- Drums

  • Guy Hilsman -------------- Percussion

  • Krystof Srebrakowski -- Keyboards

  • Kenny Stumpf ----------- Saxophones


GrooveLogic - Follow The Groove









GrooveLogic is a six-person Contemporary Jazz Coalition that knows the POWER OF THE GROOVE.The term "groove" is often used in the music world. Original the word is used for the spiral cut in a grammophon record (earlier, in a phonograph cylinder). In the music scene the word appears in a figurative sense the first time in the beginning of the thirtees. In the october-issue of Melody Maker 1932 you find the sentence: "Having such a wonderful time which puts me in a groove." Original "groovy" means playing sophisticated, brilliantly, easily, just well. Today we use the word for a more rhythmical, danceable piece of music. GrooveLogic fullfills these high demands. They follow the groove.

A great praise to the drummer section Guy Hilsman (percussion) and Larry Hendrixson (drumset), who are urging forward in a brilliantly way. Urban Safari the beginner of the album is an excellent work of uptempo Jazz Fusion and Urban Jazz. Steve Luciano (guitar), Kenny Stumpf (sax), Krystof Srebrakowski (keyboards), Chuck Archard (electric bass), they all are playing  really groovy.

A more slow and thoughtful piece is Your Gentle Touch. Introduced by a contemplative piano play Kenny Stumpf touchs us impressively with his saxophone. You can also hear some reminiscenes to Pat Matheney 's harmonica mood.

Return visit begins with a phat funky horns entry gliding to  vocal harmonies.

Words Unspoken is a romatic love letter, brilliantly written down by Kenny Stumpf's sax and Krystof S.'s keys. This is one of those pieces you love to play fireside chatting with a glass of red wine in your hand .

A nice cover of Johnny Nash's 1972'er self-penned hit I Can See Clearly Now is the follow up. A cover? No it's more, a suprising mix of different music styles like Reggae, Soft Rock, Smooth Jazz, Bebop. Wonderful the steel drums, you know, what I like. 

Say What? is a fine combination of Kenny Stumpf's flute and some organ sounds. Reminds me a little at Diana Ross' Ease On Down The Road. But this piece is a class better.

The old Carole King song You've Got A Friend is often covered. One of the finest cover is Donny Hathaway 's 1971er hit, he sang together with Roberta Flack. The Brand New Heavies had taken this piece on their album Shelter. GrooveLogic's cover is in the same high quality.

Dancing On Air sounds like a jamming session of George Benson and Pat Matheny. Incredible is Steve Luciano's guitar play, a real master of his instrument.

A furious rhythmical piece is Grover Trail too. After flowing piano play supported by the percussion section (bongos) you hear a nice and unexspected square dance interlude.

1-4-2 JP's  follows the route to the Jazz Rock and Fusion style in a masterly way. Some brass entries are included too.

In the end we retire into Quiet Places. A slow contemplative saxophone accompanied by guitar and strings on a jazz brush background introduces into Steve Luciano's skillful guitar solo and takes the part again. 

Listening to this album you will have a dreamy voyage to the sounds of groove.