Linny Nance

In 1965, the youngest of 4 brothers, Linny was born into a family rich in music. Trombone, accoustic bass, congas and drums were already there. He took up piano at 8 years old, trumpet at 11...

Music gave Linny's creativity a way to work around cerebral palsy, with which he was born .

"I thrive on what differences bring."

He began his professional career in 1985 with Little Joe Blue, and has gone on to share the stage and/or studio with Polygram-Verve recording artist Lucky Peterson, Yarborough and Peoples, James Ingram (on a Patti LaBelle tour), Texas Blues Artist Tutu Jones, Heads Up recording artist Pamela Williams,.Tom Braxton & No Compromise, jazz trumpet player Freddie Jones, and a variety of other talented acts. He has played all over Europe, Japan, Canada, and the Carribbean, and his performance credits include the Montreux Jazz Festival, The Jazzhaus, The Olympic Games Festivities in Atlanta, Caravan of Dreams in Ft. Worth, and a long list of other similar venues.

Linny stays very busy. He likes it that way.

As a composer / arranger / producer, he works out of his Dallas studio, writing and producing music for local R&B groups, and jazz ,rap and gospel artists. Also active in the industrial and commercial jingles market, he composed the theme music for the syndicated Television show "Impact with Willis Johnson."

He plays recording sessions for area producers, on trumpet and keyboards.

Last but not least, he leads his own band, Network, available for private parties, club dates, Weddings, and corporate events.


Linny Nance - On & Poppin'


Ken Navarro is known as a musician with a high claim at quality music. One of the greatest albums of this year is undoubtly Ken's Island Life. This impetus is also realized at his work as an executive producer. Linny Nance and Ken Navarro let's impress with a masterly creation. Linny Nance is one of the selfmade-men, who has written, arranged, produced and played in all pieces. Well, he makes frequent use of programming in his compositions, but with his fine feeling for good music everything sounds perfect . In addition to it one should not forget the excellent musicians, whom he could win for his project. The album creates a very smooth homogeneous impression in the best sense.

4 Walls is a laidback piano play with a beautiful sax solo of Fulton Turnage well-framed by the Bernard Wright and Linny's keys. 

Last night (radiomix) is a slowtempo-piece distinguished oneself by carefully picked out sounds and arrangements. 

Willie Roy's trumpet, Furlton Turnage 's sax and James Wallace trombone accentuate On & Poppin' Linnys piano play.

Linny also follows his contemplative mood on the next piece Gift. Accompagnied by Tom Braxton on tenor sax and Michael Gallaher on guitar Linny drifts over his keys combining several keyboard-sounds. Tom Braxton gives that piece his special grade through his masterly play.

Let me be the one is a more R 'n B flavored piece. Remarkable Djore Nance warm soulful vocals and Linny's sensitive piano solo.

Linny demonstrates on the interlude D in E flat his atmospheric keyboard play.

A more uptempo tune is the following Jam for Pam, a piece dedicated to the seductive saxophonist Pam Williams. Funky jamming beats and vocal patches mixed up to a counterpointing break.

Broken hearts reveals that Linny not only masters his keys but has also an impressing voice. Wonderful are the background vocals by Tiffany Henderson, Datesha Robertson and Bert Cross too. It's one of those vocal pieces arousing feelings and wishes for more radioplay.

Thinking 'bout you is undoubtly one of the best instrumental tunes on Linny's album, well arranged and played in. I personally appreciate perfect programmings.

After Idea, a short interlude, you can listen to After love is gone and Tamara Stovall's attractive vocals. Another R 'n B highlight on this album is burned into our memories.

Yeah shouts Nonah Hendrix to Linny 's piano solo with Michael Gallaher 's distortion guitar breaks. This one-word-piece has a light Hip-Hop-touch. 

The final piece is the full version of Last Night.

Respect and applause to Linny's impressing first work.  Addicted to his music the album awakens the longing after more of this dream stuff.


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