Dee Brown


Dee Brown has completed his first solo project entitle “No Time to waste” on DéLaf Records Llc. The new project will showcase his skill as a Smooth Jazz inspirational guitarist, composer, producer and arranger. On this project he needed something to spice up the music in an fresh way. So he call on his long time friend, producer, musician, Gerald Mitchell of Los Harmons. Gerald Mitchell and Dee Brown were the two main producer on the project. The CD will be available on October 21, 2006. This is also the day Heavenly Affairs is presenting its evening of “Heart & Soul featuring vocalist, composer and performer Parkes Stewart, at the American Serbian Memorial Hall. Dee Brown will also be on that show, performing songs from he new CD, “No Time to waste”, which will be available at that show, along with autographed pictures.

Dee Brown was born in Detroit, Michigan. His full name is Demitris Edwards Brown and he is the youngest of three children. His parents George and Roceal Brown exposed him to music at a young age. Dee can remember as a child hearing Jazz being played by his father all day long. He heard music from his father’s favorite artists: Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus, Les McCann, Cannonball Adderly, King Pleasure and Charles Christian. His mother on the other hand was really into the Motown Sound. She would play music by the Four Tops, The Miracles, The Jackson 5 and James Brown. This started Dee on his way to learn elements of several different forms and styles of music.

Dee acquired and interest in guitar while in elementary school. One of his classmates could listen to a song on the radio and play it back on his guitar. Watching his classmate play fascinated Dee and he wanted to immolate his classmate. This promoted Dee to ask his parents for a Guitar. Dee received his first guitar for Christmas from his Grandmother. After receiving his first guitar Dee started taking lessons with the hopes of one day being able to play like B.B King.

Once Dee advanced with his playing skills he decided to form his own group in high school. The name of the group was “Foreplay”, and they played all over Detroit. The group was able to attract the attention of a famous producer Quincy Jones leading to a record deal. Unfortunately, Dee Brown missed out on this deal due to a conflict with the group’s image.

After leaving the group Dee Brown attended college where he earned a degree in Biology & Respiratory Therapy. While in college he also took classes in harmony, song writing, classical guitar, piano and vocals. College also allowed him to improve his vocal skills. He performed different Broadway songs and also learned to sight sing. Dee also worked on perfecting his rhythm guitar playing. His motivation to become a great guitarist came from listening to artists such as George Benson and Wes Montgomery. His constant practicing to perfect his playing paid off when he was given the opportunity to tour with professional bands and acts.

After college, Dee decided to form an R&B group along the lines of “Boyz II Men” and “Silk”. The group was called “One Wish” and it consisted of three singers with Dee singing first tenor. The group put out an album called “I Feel Like Getting Romantic” on the TRC record label. The album gave the group a top 100 single called “Tell Me Why” in both the country and rhythm and blues categories. “One Wish” was also nominated for a Nashville music award and won the best single by a local artist Metro Times Detroit Music Award

The next project that Dee wanted to pursue was an album featuring him on guitar. With this concept in mind he put together a few songs, but was not sure what to do with this project. He ended up collaborating with a saxophonist Gentry Shelby to form “Shelby Brown”. Together they put out an album on TEG Records called Miracle. The album resulted in a No. 1 song on the DMX Smooth Jazz music chart. The song, “Come Into My Heart” was written and produced by Dee Brown.