The formation Citrus Sun is a side project by Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick, known for founding the acid jazz band Incognito. It allows him to explore instrumental Jazz-Fusion alongside some familiar faces.

While Citrus Sun doesn't have a fixed lineup, Anaconga features many of the same musicians from Incognito. Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick (guitar, leader), Richard Bailey (drums), Tony Momrelle and Deborah Bond (backing vocals), Natalie Duncan (vocals), Dominic Glover (trumpet, flugelhorn), Charlie Allen (guitar), Kevin Robinson (trumpet and flugelhorn), Rega Dauna (harmonica), and Graham Harvey on keyboards are the musicians involved.

The album opens with the song Mister Mellow. This is an instrumental track from Maynard Ferguson's album "Conquistador" (1977). This exceptional tune features George Benson on guitar and Maynard on trumpet. Bluey pays tribute to the jazz legends with his rendition, which chooses a modern interpretation framework but nevertheless reproduces the melody and its progression in such a way that the song retains its character.

Erykah Badu celebrated the sweetness of love with Honey (2008). British soul musician Natalie Duncan gives the song a new timbre, perfectly supported by Kevin Robinson on trumpet and flugelhorn.

Mystic Brew is a funky jazz tune by saxophonist Ronnie Foster. It was released in 1972 on his debut album, Two Headed Freap on the Blue Note label. Bluey's interpretation takes the atmospheric line of the song and redefines it in a contemporary guise. But he doesn't stop there; in the last third of the song, he develops the song further in his own style with a skillful routine.

After his unexpected death, singer Booby Caldwell remains a lasting memory. His song Down For The Third Time was released in 1978 on his self-titled debut album and corresponds to our contemporary ideas in terms of both stylistic approach and instrumentation. Natalie Duncan takes the opportunity to bring her own vocal personality to the remake. But the instrumental changes by Dominic Glover and Charlie Allen also give the song new flashes of brilliance.

Twilight Reimagined internalizes the atmosphere with a contemplative mood, inviting the listener to reflect on the passage of time and the beauty of impermanence. It is particularly carried by the soft trumpet sound, which gives the whole thing an ethereal and dreamlike shimmering character.

The Boy Beneath the Sea may be alone, but he is surrounded by a world of beauty and mystery. This is instrumental smooth jazz with a slight detour to jazz fusion. We Fight We Love juxtaposes two opposites in its title. However, this dichotomy is not reflected in the harmonious piece on which the trumpet takes center stage.

The title In Search of the Blue Note evokes a journey into the world of jazz reflecting the protagonist's quest for the elusive blue note. Dominic Glover on flugelhorn and Graham Harvey on keyboards are the leading instrumentalists of this tune, which Bluey says is “inspired by New York City’s jazz history and nightlife”.

Both are featured on Sing To My Beat, which is mainly an instrumental apart from the scat interludes by the female singer I don't know by name. The final track Santiago stands out due to the lead instrument. Featured artist is the young Indonesian harmonica player Rega Dauna, who already appeared on band’s Hard Boiled instrumental hit from their last album Expansions & Visions.

Citrus Sun's fourth album, Anaconga, is a tribute to the jazz and soul legends that inspired them. Even if this approach is new, the formation retains its inimitable stylistic character and underlines its exceptional qualities with a high recognition value.





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Album Information

Title: Anaconga
Artist: Citrus Sun
Year: 2023
Genre: Acid Jazz
Label: Dôme Records

1) "Mister Mellow" (4:31)
2) "Honey" (4:49)
3) "Mystic Brew" (7:34)
4) "Down for the Third Time" (5:49)
5) "Twilight Reimagined" (4:59)
6) "The Boy Beneath the Sea" (3:49)
7) "We Fight We Love" (3:47)
8) "In Search of the Blue Note" (5:34)
9) "Sing to My Beat" (3:55)
10) "Santiago" (4:15)

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