Syracuse, Italy based multi-instrumentalist Fabio Puglisi is known by the project Soul Basement, a collaboration with singer Jay Nemor. Now he returns with a new project called The Park Avenue Experience, which will go live this year in a trio set. The debut album of this project is Life Span, which will be released February 1, 2020.

The album opens with Getting Closer. A piece that puristically develops the melody in chords and leaves a soothing impression overall. This principle is continued at the beginning on Balance, but receives cascade-like amplification by other melody segments.

That Good Old Trick introduces into the song with a percussion sequence, then the bass jumps in before before the melody follows on the keyboard. The actual jazzy accents are however set by the piano.

Now or Later relies on the irrelevance of the moment in time. A synth bass builds the ground for Fabio's piano escapade. Meifen Smiling to the Sky begins as a contemplative piece of music of a gentle nature before moving on to the region of free jazz and transforming into an explosive crescendo of the synthesizer.

A Better You will meet the same fate. What begins as a harmonious chamber piece slips into ecstatic jazz attitudes. Love Knows No Limits combines spherical sound collages into which Fabio drips piano notes here and there. Water Under the Bridge closes the album with an emotional treasure chest in which everyone can put their own thoughts.

The Park Avenue Experience's Life Span covers a music sector that does not hanker after popularity but appeals to those who have retained an eclectic taste.







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Album Information

Title: Life Span
Artist: The Park Avenue Experience
Year: 2020
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: ITI Records


1 Getting Closer (3:25)
2 Balance (4:52)
3 That Good Old Trick (6:01)
4 Now or Later (4:59)
5 Meifen Smiling to the Sky (5:05)
6 A Better You (5:13)
7 Love Knows No Limits (3:43)
8 Water Under the Bridge (3:29)