Syracuse, Italy based multi-instrumentalist Fabio Puglisi, known by the project Soul Basement with singer Jay Nemor, had devoloped the project The Park Avenue Experience. The debut album of this project was Life Span, released in 2020. The new album is entitled Structures (2022).

The album opens with Time Past quasi a retrospective to the music of the past. Based on an intense bass scheme, the melody develops like a blossoming flower.

Lexington Blues is dedicated to the city of Lexington, conventionally known as the horse city of the world. At the center of the piece is Fabio's electronic soundscape, which provides him with the medium for jazzy improvisations.

Then we dive into the A Brand New Dream, which gives us many opportunities to relax and let our thoughts run free. With Jelly City, Fabio gives a completely new musical meaning to the term, which until now has only been associated with rubber boots.

Places You've Been is less to be understood geographically, but rather picks up on jazzy moments in music history that seem to be too easily forgotten. The meaning of Eapt abbreviation in this context is lost. Ultimately, Fabio remains in his very own domain of hip-hop soaked in jazz.

Rose Petal Blues is another form of melodic reflection, which is framed by short snap shots. With the title Sister Joy, one expects more of a jubilant emotion from Fabio. But even here he does not free himself from a certain melancholy.

More Ways Than One begins with a melodic sequence before the song flows into a broad melody, but one that uses musical time breaks as an artistic element. Lift Your Gaze is addressed to the one who veils her personality behind a haze.

Fabio Puglisi, with his project The Park Avenue Experience and the album Structures, cultivates a more or less melodic style of jazz that will surely find its listeners.







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Album Information

Title: Structures
Artist: The Park Avenue Experience
Year: 2022
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: Jinurock Entertainment


1) "Time Past" (4:12)
2) "Lexington Blues" (4:51)
3) "A Brand New Dream" (4:53)
4) "Jelly City" (4:01)
5) "Places You've Been" (5:29)
6) "Eapt" (2:45)
7) "Rose Petal Blues" (3:41)
8) "Sister Joy" (4:46)
9) "More Ways Than One" (4:38)
10) "Lift Your Gaze" (4:46)