Burt Bacharach - At This Time
It takes a real legend to produce an album which could possibly be his best yet after six decades of a career that has seen his music become so well known across the planet that he is a household name. Whilst the likes of McCartney are still stuck in  ' Mull Of Kintyre' land and even Stevie finds it hard to better his efforts of the eighties, we have a new album from a master craftsman that attempts new heights not just in song composition but also socio-political comment.

 Whilst the signature Bacharach trademarks, such as the gentle rthymns, beautiful melodies, full orchestration and flugelhorn are all there, Bacharach chooses to drive himself forward with some of music's cutting-edge stars. Elvis Costello guests on 'Who Are The People' which questions the motives of the world leaders and is one of the album's standout tracks. Bacharach himself takes to the mic on the poignant 'Where Did It Go?' and whilst his voice is certainly not one of the best, his vocal vulnerability adds to the feel of overall sadness of the passing of time and the uncertainties of the future for our children. 'At This Time' is a themed album presenting the listener with an often cynical overview of life. But with Bacharach there is always the beauty of his music and as he  himself says in the album's closing track "I know that love is never far away. Always taking aim."