Atlanta Soul - Soulful Kinship from the Phoenix City

The ever reliable Unisex label release the sixth album in this soul series with the usual blend of underground and established talent. To define and describe the tracks on this CD as neo-soul, jazz fusion or indeed any other label is not doing the music justice.

The selection goes far beyond any description of musical genre. It is quite simply phenomenal. Classic cuts from Donnie,  India Arie and Van Hunt sit comfortably next to ground breaking talent such as the uncomplicated funk of Beat Assailant. For me the standout track is the unrelenting groove of the jazzy influenced and superbly produced Jiva.

A rareity that just makes you want to place the needle in the groove again and again. Just when you thought that this couldn't be bettered the album comes up with an Anthony David track that borrows from the influences of Terry Callier. Yes, the album is this good.! Move over Detroit, for leading the way Atlanta is the new kid on the block!!