George Benson - Irreplaceable

There are some respected music journalists who feel that perhaps George is too old to do an album that pays more homage to the neo-soul movement rather than his first love - jazz. They miss the point. 

Mr Benson has always crossed musical boundaries and taken heavy criticism from his contemporaries for doing so. Not the safe route for George and with his huge talent for singing,songwriting and not forgetting that trusty guitar who can blame him. The man is NEVER predictable and whilst this album should find him new fans it will probably also alienate an equal number of others whose perception and narrow mindedness affect their judgement.

Be of no doubt, this is a full-on contemporary urban R&B album that is undermarked by some signature guitar playing of note. For what it is worth I think that George had a spiritual message that he wanted to state following some of the tragedy that has been evident in his life.

Take the uplifting 'cell phone ' an infectious duet with Andrea Simmons that despite it's grooves speaks deeply about death and grieving. It should also provide George with another huge hit when released as a single.

Real legends of music continually evolve and this current transformation of Benson into contemporary RnB is merely a very welcome excursion along the route. Overall a brave album which both moves and grooves in equal measures professionally produced to very high standards. Open your mind and explore.