Tim Cunningham  -  Waiting For Love




Looking at the latest album cover from saxophonist Tim Cunningham makes you wonder why he didn’t take up the offer to play football for the Spartans. 

Once you take the CD out of it’s sleeve and press the button marked ‘Play ‘ the reason is obvious! For Tim there was no choice to be made between his two passions and thankfully for us he chose the saxophone!

His latest album ‘ Waiting For love ‘ is his first for over three years and the first to be marketed on his own label.

Certainly worth waiting for, the first thing that grabs you is the maturity of Tim’s playing since his last outing. Perhaps it is because for this release Tim was able to let his creative juices flow whereas his previous releases with Atlantic were strictly to studio budget. Whatever the reason it is one soulfully happening album!

Co-Produced by good friend Alsamad (who just happens to play Bass for Vanessa Williams) the album kicks off with the title track ‘waiting for love’ a gentle but soulful start setting the standard for that which follows. Over flowing background vocals Tim’s melodic playing dominates the whole four minutes taking you to places that make you realise you are in the presence of a talent that plays from the soul.

No where is that more evident than on the track that Tim wrote especially for his son, Corbin. As Tim told me recently... ‘ I just went into the studio and played from the heart.’ 

For me and on the reaction of my listeners when I air it THE stand out track is the beautiful and haunting ‘Desire ‘. Here the vocals of the aforementioned Alsamad intertwine with Tim’s sax in such a way that even your goosepimples have goosepimples!

Tim’s preference for live playing is given due airing with two tracks recorded at his regular weekly gig. Jo Jo's in Kirkwood, MO. The standard of recording is very high as Tim funkifies an old Gap Band number ‘Yearning for Love ‘. Indeed his RnB roots are never far from the surface as he also resurrects an old Chaka Khan number ‘Your Everlasting Love’ to good effect.

 With another baby on the way Mr. Cunningham is well on the way to paying the bills as he stamps his authority on his chosen instrument to let everyone know that he is heading for the top flight of Instrumental RnB music, or as we prefer to say in the U.K.- Jazz Fusion.




Tim Cunningham  - Waiting For Love.