Dirty Dozen Brass Band - We Got Robbed  - Live in New Orleans

If you like your music downright funky with plenty of brass blowing at full volume then this is one to add to your collection. Subtle this is not, but does it make you feel like dancing and having a good time.....you bet.!! 

Originating out of social bands that use to make the New Orleans funeral something of a party, the band is celebrating over 25 years of red hot music. As for the quality of the music itself, think of a combination of brass funk, jazz, bop , RnB and gospel and you will get the idea.

On this live album recorded on home turf the funk does not let up from the opening track and continues for a full 70 mins. The recording quality is excellent and you can easiliy pick up the excitement of the audience as the band never lets the groove disappear. Only one of the tracks lasts less than 6 minutes and one of the newer compositions the title track and autobiographical ' we got robbed ' actually clocking in at nearly 12.

As the band have featured Norah Jones in their time and played with both Bowie and Costello I for one will be looking up their other album releases, but for an introduction into the staple of grooves this is an excellent starting point.