Josh Dion Band - Give Love

This is without doubt an unusual album. Firstly, it features a drummer/singer and there are not too many of them around! Secondly, its an independent production that is so free of any pretensions that it blows in with the energy of a tornado. Add to that the maturity of such a young performer and you know that you have in your hands something VERY special.

How many artistes would cover the subject matter of the world's problems on their debut set and do it in such a way that you have to reset the track selector to listen to it again. Whilst Josh's lyrics on the album's last track 'Mercy's End' talk to you about love being able to beat poverty and peace it is the raw soul of his voice and delivery that really makes you sit up and take notice. It is soul at its purest and simplest. Josh is currently the drummer in Chuck Loeb's band and the guitarist makes a guest appearance on the rockier 'Indecision.' Musically there is no doubt that Josh has been influenced by the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, possibly Hall and Oates and without doubt Tower of Power minus the horn section!

That Josh has not gone the way of a major label is a blessing. Whilst some of the tracks might not appeal to everyone particularly those with a more AOR tendency that is a small gripe as a fan of real music will accept that even these are pretty damn good! (And that's a REAL compliment from a soul boy!!) This is what music should be about, musicians being free and true to their art and heart. As Josh says 'Love is the only answer in this world of ice" To which I will add -- and good music like this!





1. Child's Mind
2. Give Love
3. Make Her My Girl
4. Movin' On
5. Lonely One
6. Birdwalker
7. Bedroom Eyes
8. Almost
9. Ugly
10. Indecision
11. Breathe
12. Love And Sacrifice
13. Mercy's End