Cool Million: Going Out Tonight.
(Expansion Records)

Love of all things soulful first brought together the collective of Denmark based Frank Kyle and in demand German producer Rob Hardt. Under the genesis of Cool Million they collaborated with talented Danish singer Lene Riebau in the opening track of this album 'Naughty Girl' which first came to my attention on the superior compilation 'Soul Togetherness 2007'

Now, encouraged by the feedback to that track they have continued their vision of taking soul back to the future by completing a 15 track debut set which is full of uplifting modern soul classics. Bringing together independent and largely unknown musicians and vocalists they have produced an exceptional album of uplifting soulful gems. All tracks share that homage to the days of the SOS Band, 52nd Street and Loose Ends with the latter being uncanningly brought to life again with the talents of Londoner Aaron Washington in 'Pride' . Maltese singer Laura Jackson contributes  the most vocally with three songs to her credit, including one which is my favourite of the album, the bouncy, catchy and drop dead soulful 'Leave Me'  The Glaswegian, Eleana Young leads on the Kleer Inspired 'Walk Away'  and did I mention the contributions of vocalists CJ Anthony or Donald McCollum?

Indeed, each track is a delight to listen too with its melodic immediacy and strong production qualities. It is what I tend to call a 'Blue Sky album' even on a grey day! One for the soul boys and girls with something for those who are new to the genre as well. An album full of uplifting soulful music and magic.