Terri Walker - I Am


With the arrival of this British singer-songwriter's third album we have
another example of a huge talent leaving a major label to promote her music
independently. Co-written and Co-produced by the lady the title of the album
makes the point that this is all about her style free from outside more
commercial interests. 

A mature RnB album with wide influences, there are some
pop-edged commercial offerings notably with the title track 'I am' but the album
moves quickly into areas of gospel, soul and even some light jazz.' Alright with
me' suggests some Mary Mary or J Moss influences; the strong' Addicted '
with a melodic rap from Ty is Marvin Gaye based and indeed makes reference to
the master. 

However, you have to wait for the very last track on the album for
the standout. The soul-jazz of 'Imperative' shows that this lady has real
class and a lot more probably to come in future offerings. These latter two are
both of above average track length and I wonder what sort of album would be
forthcoming if Miss Walker had the confidence to explore these areas of
creativity further on a future album.