Alice Russell - My Favourite Letters 
This is a highly anticipated second album from what is surely one of the UK's finest soul singers. The album could be described as a kaleidoscope of soul music history with influences from Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronica and Funk. This proliferation of styles does to these ears make the album somewhat disjointed at times. However, that is a small point as Ms Russell deals with this diversity with a technical ability that shows that she is at ease in any genre. 

Backed by the classy production of TM Juke nowhere more evident than in the beat power-jazz of the exceptional 'All Over Now' which has one of the funkiest flute solos that you will want to listen to over and over again. Shortly to try her hand at some gigs stateside Russell's confidence in her natural talent appears to be growing and as she approaches 30, this can be viewed as about time! An exceptional album from the lady from Suffolk and one that if it was released anywhere else than in the UK would have the real recognition that it deserves.