Jim Savitt - Here and Now


For nearly 20 years Jim Savitt has been well known to the jazz scene of New York and not elsewhere. That hopefully will change with the release of his debut set ... HERE and NOW. A man of seemingly contrasting interests he understands the midi guitar synthesizer inside out  and yet plays some very delicate and clean acoustic guitar licks. Check out Jim's personal favourite from the album. From the Heart for a good example of this.

He has personally written most of the tracks and with the production co-handled by the underated David Mann then you know that you are in for a smooth jazz treat.The album delivers on all counts and is a superb example of how an independent label can at times be so much better than a major.
Certain tracks have a real good sun on the face driving down the freeway feel. My favourite So Long was actually written by Jim with a fading relationship in mind. When I put it to Jim in a recent interview that because the track felt happy it may have been a relationship he was glad to see the back of he reluctantly declined to comment!! Say no more.!!

There are tracks on the album that give the Savitt sound a new age appeal.. Having had family caught up in the events of September 11th at the World Trade Centre the reflective mood is apparent in the overall ambience of the album. Having said that Mr. Savitt is able to get a groove going that is urban in nature. Listen to In The House as evidence of this and the wider world rythmns of  What could be and This Time.
This album is one that should rank alongside the best of recent smooth jazz guitar albums from the likes of White et al and that bodes well for a talent that we are yet to see the best from.
It may have taken 20 years but some things are worth the wait. This is one.