SOUL: ID - Sex, Love and Philosophy
ABB Records

Sometimes it pays to be educated in the art of punctuation! On doing some research for this review I left out the colon in the group's name and found myself just about to write about a group from Jakarta, Indonesia with the same (coloness) name!  SOUL: ID in fact hail from Africa but found their musical home to be in Brussels where they spent nearly 3 years putting this debut album together. It has in fact been around for a while with the Japanese in particular promoting this soulful gem since 2007, but sometimes we 'soulboys' prefer to look farther afield at new material rather than explore that which is much closer to home.

Built lyrically around a series of late night chats between a group of friends 'Sex, Love and Philosophy' is an album of some class with fine musicianship and equally good production from group mainstay 'Urban Deep'. All of the music featured is groove orientated in a two-step style and without exception instantly likeable. The modern funk of 'Believe' lays the scene of what is to come with tracks such as 'Even Enough' and 'Tender' coming straight out of the Stevie Wonder songbook for influential melodies!

The group's first single 'Love of my Life' is a hypnotic groove that comes with one of those catchy riffs that buries itself in your brain for weeks. In truth though the album is full of them and most could well become classics to play well after the album's sell by date. This foursome have talent covering the wide genres of the music that we love and are able to make it all accessible to an even wider audience. The group's sound has been dubbed 'Afropean' I would just prefer to just call it quality soul with a capital Q.