Nuala - Shine

This Debut set from London born Nuala is a fusion of styles born probably out of a dual nationality parentship which is half spanish and half Irish. I will let you work out which side is which suffice to say that the soft latin bossa tones usually dominate throughout! If you quickly bypass the sombre lyrics of a couple of tracks then this album is generally one to buy before the sun gently fades away for another year. There are shades of Sade in her soft style and also the Independent Scandinavian singer Janita especially on the bossa tinted numbers. 'I get by' and 'El Sol'. The phrasing and voice production used in ' Amor Y Dolor' are even reminiscent of Donna's ' Winter Melody. This number in particular builds in typical soft samba style to a very laid back jazzy end and is my personal favourite. 

One of the interesting things about this debut is the artistes determination to cover the music that she believes in never mind the initially raised eyebrows. So, we have interspersed with the soulful sunshine sound a couple of old chestnuts in the shape of Kylie's 'Can't get you out of my head' and (wait for it) Doris Day's 'Secret Love' !!  The latter version in particular is so annoyingly well arranged and  catchy that the tune will not leave your brain for hours after and when even a 'soul boy' starts finding himself humming the melody then the lady has chosen her tunes well!. It's a real left-fielder and then some!

Rumours abound that the lady will soon land a major deal so this album is well worth tracking down for the knowledge that you were one of the first to appreciate an original talent that will appeal to all generations and what's more she's still seriously hip and cool.