Soulive - Turn it out/ Turn it out Remixed


Originally released independently in 1999, Turn It Out has gone on to sell over 65,000 copies worldwide which is no mean feat for an independent label. Since then the group have moved on to be signed by the legendary Blue Note label and have acquired a strong fan base particularly in Japan. Music wise think of JTQ but with less of a harder edge. 

Led by the Hammond B-3 organ playing of Neil Evans this album even though it has three tracks that were recorded live still has a feel of restrained energy to it. The feeling of lost potential is in virtually all of the tracks as the talent on display is held back in its creativity.

 Perhaps this is why the original album is supplemented by the far more interesting  ‘Turn it Out Remixed ‘ a real and welcome foray into Hip-Hop, RnB and Soul featuring DJ Spinna and Me’shell Ndege Ocello and music that encompasses the present interests of the group as it extends it’s repertoire to other genres. Amongst the ones to add to your collection, a superb and very neo-soulful ‘ Arruga de Agua ‘ remix and extremely funky ‘Steppin’ remix 2000.

There is no doubt that this group can make you groove, add a Horn Section as they did for the first Blue Note album and they would really cook. Maybe this is what the first album lacked. Still, a good enough package even if it’s the remixes that will get the most plays. Catch them live if you can.