Raul Midon - State Of Mind

For those of you lucky enough to catch his live performances then descriptions such as dazzling guitar technique and a hair-raising show stopping voice will not be an exaggeration. The term 'acoustic soul' was first popularised by Indie Arie, but her music sounds like a full orchestra compared to Midon's sparse arrangements. His first 'full' album 'State of Mind' is all about his voice and guitar. Everything else takes a back seat. Legendary producer Arif Marden (Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Norah Jones) understands this and lets this mega talent float effortlessly between the genres of soul, jazz and latin with ease.

Midon's feeling for the beauty of life and exuberance to live every moment is no better amplified than in 'Sunshine' featuring harmonica ace, Gregoire Maret. Beautifully written with delicious lyrics Midon's voice is never less than joyful. Born blind and losing his mother at an early age Midon understands tragedy only too well and yet in music has found an ability to communicate his vision for being grateful in just being alive. The track 'Expressions of Love', featuring Stevie Wonder says it all, for Midon "Sitting in the middle of those that you love, nothing else matters" He even shares with us in ' All in the mind" the heightened level of imagination he has as a result of his blindness.

Intimate without being preachy, optimistic despite the struggle, Midon is one of those rare group of artistes to leave me emotionally drained. This is talent at the highest and yet simplest level.






1. State of Mind
2. If You're Gonna Leave
3. Keep on Hoping w/Jason Mraz
4. Mystery Girl
5. Waited All My Life
6. Everybody
7. Expressions of Love w/Stevie Wonder
8. Sittin' in the Middle for Donny Hathaway
9. Suddenly
10. Never Get Enough
11. Sunshine
12. I Would Do Anything
13. All in Your Mind