SUMO - The Danceband

Already on release in Europe this album is one of the reasons that I love what I do. The album cover which features a picture of the band and indeed the first few tracks which are of a house nature in no way prepare you for the eclectic delights that are waiting for you further within. From Sweden the band are in search of the ultimate groove and led by producers/DJ's Combo and Alf Tumble they may well have captured it in this album. 

With funky latin grooves that might have come straight out of Latin America or the corners of New York this album is one for the feet. Though the first time you realise that things are not what they seem is when the jazzy, soulful vocal of Clarisse Muvemba adds to the almost Gilbertoish flavour of 'Loverbeat' The harder electronic jazz funk of 'Tribute' with its brass backing is perfect for those contemporary bars and hotels that play the grooves associated with lounge and chill music and to which those with a wide taste in the genres of soul music go to listen to what new 'hip' music to buy. 

The scandinavians have always loved their soul music and have at times taken it to another level by bringing other styles into the melting pot. To bands like SUMO there are no boundaries and that is exactly the way it should be.  Maybe its the cold climate that allows them to dream of hotter countries and conjure up brazilian rhythms such as 'Sudden Samba' to such an effect that they are as good as any emanating from Rio or maybe its just there way of saying never judge, always keep searching for the good groove no matter where it leads.





01. The Danceband
02. Madrugada
03. Factory
04. Lovebeat
05. Unlove me
06. Tribute
07. Rumba con Eby
08. No cuesta nada
09. Esperana
10. Nini
11. Sudden samba