The Invisible Session - The Invisible Session

Put three friends together to listen to their favourite music and combine the experience with a passion to share their views on life with a wider audience and you have the concept of this album. Co-founder of the Italian label, Luciano Cantone and his compatriots have come up with ten compositions that mix musical genres but are always underpinned by a relentless groove and some deep nu jazz.

Track titles such as 'Heroes of Sponge Cake' might appeal to the cerebral matter as it is about the fragility that is always present in us all, but it will be the distinctive vocals of Jenny B, the gentle groove and soulful trombone of Gianluca Petrella that you will remember.

Similarly, the album's standout track 'To the Powerful' will send shivers down your spine with a message of planet destruction whilst at the same time have you heading for the dance floor. Schema are always ahead of the game and this album gives them an even greater lead.





1. Till The End
2. I Knew The Way
3. To The Powerful
4. I'll Be Your Wings
5. My Inspiration
6. Heroes Of Sponge Cake
7. Invisible Blessing
8. Teacher
9. Three For You
10. Heroes Of The Conquest