New Cool Collective - Trippin'

Escaping from the clutches of a major label, New Cool Collective return with this their 5th album. As fresh and exciting as ever, this like the others is another mix of highly danceable soul and jazz spiced with latin flavours. Now a 19 piece big band each track starts off as if it's a 'live' jam of riffs and beats before moving into a groove that is impossible to stand still too.

The band's 'Ms Wilson' is a good example of how simple rthymns can get under your skin and explode into rthymnic jazz. Actually, this version is the band's way of getting back at an Ugandan English Teacher who they met on tour who told them that drumming was not allowed when teaching her kids music!! . Further a whole side of this double CD is devoted to playing with the great Afro drummer, Tony Allen who like Georgie Fame once came to guest at the now legendary Amsterdam monday night club sessions with the band. 

Banish those negative thoughts and experience music that will raise your spirits and buy this  innovative and creative album from this exceptional group





Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Perry - New Cool Collective
2. Son Of Chacha - New Cool Collective
3. Ms Wilson - New Cool Collective
4. Propeller - New Cool Collective
5. Bambole - New Cool Collective
6. Black Label - New Cool Collective
7. Conga Yeye - New Cool Collective
Disc: 2
1. Trip - New Cool Collective & Tony Allen
2. One More Time - New Cool Collective & Tony Allen
3. Obadiah - New Cool Collective & Tony Allen
4. Matoke - New Cool Collective & Tony Allen
5. One For Kyra