Peter White

Columbia Records

Release Date:  March 23, 2004



An intimate evening hazed in candlelight, a long breezy drive, a forbidden love affair, the elation of being in love, a secret only two people know…they are all clues to the category of: What Comes To Mind When You Hear Peter White’s Newest Album?  No, it’s not a TV game show, it’s Confidential and it’s sexy, seductive, joyful and extraordinary.


In his ninth solo release, Peter White has delivered something that will make you dream, smile and wonder just what really is or could be.  He’s tapped into the talents of many supreme artists to put together this release, destined to be one of the best of the year.  With the help of seasoned producers Paul Brown, Steve Dubin and Matthew Hager, the genius of rhythm and percussion greats such as Lenny Castro and Paulinho Da Costa, unique sound designs of DC and the many gifts of Brian Culbertson, Chris Botti, Mindi Abair, Christopher Cross (yes, you read it correctly) Michael Paulo and David Sparkman, Confidential speaks to talent and mastery in each discipline.  Paul Brown himself even adds the smooth grooves of his electric guitar to a couple of tunes.


But it’s White’s overpowering feeling and style that lead the way for all of the aforementioned.  In the remake of the memorable Brenda Russell song “She’s In Love,” you’ll hear a gentle bossa nova scheme from the acoustic that rivals Antonio Carlos Jobim combined with the unforgettable voice of Christopher Cross that we all know so well. “Coast Road Drive” has you in a yellow convertible (with the top down of course) on a bright sunny day, a classic “PW driving song” with a steady beat.  Listen for the artist’s domination of many instruments, but in particular the keyboard and guitar work in “Jump On It,” a truly jazzy little song.  Paulo plays forever in “Endless Journey” with emotion and strength while White intertwines his delicate guitar furrows.  Botti’s muted trumpet in “Stormfront” plays to distant melodies with a perfect mix to guitars and keyboards, while Sparkman’s seemingly angelic voice runs in tandem with White’s acoustic in “Lost Without Your Love”.  The title cut carries the distinctive Culbertson “flavor” which he co-wrote with White and it’s a perfect match.  There’s something more than special in a one-of-a-kind song, “How Does It Feel,” where you’re treated to the artistic skills of White on electric and acoustic guitars.  And the album’s first radio release single, “Talkin’ Bout Love,” already at the top of the charts, gleams with strong horns supporting the lyrical guitar licks that are signature Peter White.


The standouts for this writer are “Are You Mine?” and “Swept Away” which capture this artist at his best.  The former, beautifully collaborated upon with the crisp, clean, harmonic sax sounds of Mindi Abair is so melodious that it demands lyrics.  “Swept Away”…well, it will simply leave you that way.  Powerful, emotional, this came from deep within his heart and the clarity and touch with which White plays this song is undeniably perfection.  This CD brings a lot of what true Peter White fans also love about him, that being his multi-instrument talents.  I can’t remember hearing so much PW keyboards, but I’d be the first to admit he’s a master there also.  But without a doubt, hands down, it’s the undulating and haunting accordion in this album that sticks, particularly in “Swept Away” while Mr. White not only grabs your heart and soul but also comfortably places them on the Left Bank in Paris or floating in a gondola on a Venetian waterway.  Yes, it’s all about that…that (to quote a phrase) “damn accordion music.”  Enjoy!