“Love Coloured Soul”

Artist:  Ken Navarro

Label:  Positive Music

Release Date:  January 25, 2005



When called upon, artist and composer Ken Navarro can put on a show that rivals anyone in the Smooth Jazz world.  When it’s time for an album, Ken Navarro can produce something that is always stylistic and engaging.  In his almost fifteen years of producing solo albums Navarro has delivered fifteen quality works that embody his unique form and delivery.  When you think of the songs of  “Island Life”, or “When Night Calls”, just to name two, you’re immediately within his grasp of upbeat grooves and harmonic tones; you can almost hear the style in your head.  And then along comes “Love Coloured Soul”.


Not to say he hasn’t kept a lot of his traditions and musical scope.  Navarro is joined on this album by his long-standing and talented musician friends, including but not limited to Jay Rowe, Gary Grainger and Andre “Blues” Webb.  You’ll hear those familiar riffs and hooks that are his alone.  Why is this one different?  This writer, having followed this artist for some time believes that Ken Navarro has now reached a point in his life of reassurance and completeness with his music, his surroundings and his personal musical development.  And notably, Ken Navarro returned to his own recording studio and label to put this entire project together in all of its aspects.


In this album, you’ll find a comfort like nothing you know.  This music wraps itself around you and without a doubt; songs such as “Breathe” and its title track bring you back into the musical arms of your old friend, Ken Navarro.  It’s what made you fall in love with his music in the first place, yet now, matured and developed.  The familiarity and ease of his own personal surroundings in the creation of this album are captured and gift wrapped in melodic auras to the listener.  This artist has come of age in finding his deepest emotions, feelings and sentiments, transferred them to music and then delivered them in his latest project.


You’ll get a little funk from Mr. Navarro also, and his cover of the classic “Stoned Soul Picnic” is dreamy and moody.  Technically, he sores again with mastery of his instrument that will remind you of Matheny.  Close your eyes and take in “Glass Dolphins” with it’s innovative syncopation and dynamics, I promise you’ll see them in shades of aqua and crystalline blue.   Listen to the key changes in “Let It Go” and you’ll tumble through the song as gently and magically as it sounds.  The development in this song is astounding and Navarro will force you to reach higher with him at every chord change.  Slip away through “Summer of Love” as you wrap yourself in a soft quilt, or sit on a beach through “You Are Everything” watching a sunset.  He’s painted the picture for you; he’s put his very being into sharing that moment with you.


What makes “Love Coloured Soul” the best Navarro release yet?  It’s a treasure of him, he’s allowing us into his studio (and literally did via the Internet for much of it’s production), and asking us to close our eyes and listen carefully.  The songs of this memorable CD are relaying the spirit of the artist…he’s confident, at ease and at an all time emotional high.