Being a multi-instrumentalist normally is an advantage, because you can do the most of your recording work by your own. But it can also be a problem, if you use too much electronic equipment and too many instrument-samples in your work. Then the music tend to sounding synthetic, like being created on a drawing board. This -at least- applies to some of the eight tracks of Dan Goodman's latest release, called BACK STORY.

No doubt: Dan Goodman is a good and experienced musician and arranger; his solid guitar playing shows a lot of talent and the compositions are mostly coherent but the use of too many electronic samples let some songs sound like canned music.

The record starts with the up-beat AYALA COVE, a smooth jazz song with mysterious synthesizer-chords in the background and an acoustic guitar in the lead, followed by SIERRA MOON, a pleasing melody on the acoustic guitar, flavored with electronic strings and a short E-Piano-solo.

In the more danceable and funky JAMBO MAMBO, Goodman uses a lot of different electronic percussion and some flute-samples in the background. BACK STORY, the title-track, also features some Brass-samples. Here Goodman also shows -again- his great
ability on the acoustic guitar.

DREAM ON IT has the greatest potential of all songs to become a hit on radio stations. It starts with a funky E-piano-sound, which builds the fundament for another smooth-jazz melody played on the acoustic guitar, followed by ONE LAST LOOK, a groovy song, where Goodman also embeds an extended piano-solo.

The last track WE GOT THIS also features saxophonist John Powell, whose saxophone-playing adds a human timbre to the mostly electronic concept of the record.

Certainly BACK STORY is the work of a well-trained musician and arranger, but unfortunately the use of too much electronic stuff let some of the songs sound to synthetic. It would have been better to invite some "real" musicians into the studio. This might be a good advice for the next recording...!

Markus Michel 2014

Dan Goodman - Back Story
Release Date: 16. Mai 2014
Label: Dan Goodman / Glisk Records (885007488866)


01. Ayala Cove 		
02. Sierra Moon		
03. Jambo Mambo 		
04. Back Story	
05. Dream On It 		
06. One Last Look 		
07. We Got This