American jazz guitarist Blake Aaron from LA has a new album out, his seventh, which will be released today. It has already yielded 2 number 1 hits on Billboard! Blake is passionate about different music genres, and he co-wrote the 10 tracks with Billboard hit machines Adam Hawley and Greg Manning.

In this way, contemporary jazz, R&B, funk, pop and even fusion and Brazilian jazz are discussed. “'Love and Rhythm' is all about my musical journey and my love for all kinds of rhythm and music. I have spent my life in pursuit of exploring the beauty of every genre of music there is. I will probably never be bored and because of my vast experience in so many different genres, I will likely always be in demand as a musician. Even if I never retire and spend my entire life in music, I will not even scratch the surface of the depth and beauty of the performance, composition and production of all genres of music,” said Aaron.

It is his first release since 2020's 'Color and Passion', and on this new album he is joined by saxophonists, trombone players and trumpeters David Mann, Trevor Neumann, Donald Hayes, Michael Stever, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Reid, Andrew Neu and Nick Lane, by drummers Eric Valentine, Tony Moore and Will Kennedy, by bassists Mel Brown, Alex Al and Hussain Jiffry, by percussionist Ramon Yslas, by keyboard players/pianists Greg Manning, Tateng Katindig and Carnell Harrell, and finally by the string section of Tyries Rolfe .

'Dreamland' opens in an upbeat feel-good mood, and was one of the number 1 hits on Billboard. 'Feels So Good' is also cheerful and full of sunshine, with vocals by Ken Turner. The current single 'She's the One' is a romantic ballad, is already in the top 5 of Billboard, and captures the moment when you know your partner is the one. 'Crush', the second hit, refers to that sunny feeling, after which 'Irresistible' comes across as sexy, and that was the intention.

The danceable 'Big Bounce' is a song in the spirit of acts with many horn players such as Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire and David Sanborn. Blake goes back in time with 'The Way You Sway', an R&B/soul groove from the seventies, followed by 'Diamond in the Sun' in which Blake passes on wisdom to his children.

He plays electric and acoustic guitars, and mandolin on the fusion of 'Rise' together with Grammy winner Jiffry (Herb Albert) and Will Kennedy (Yellowjackets). That song also has a Brazilian touch. The last track 'Alter Ego' also goes in a fusion direction, this time with an African touch.

A beautiful album that shows Blake's preference for various music styles. Only those 2 fusion tracks are less my thing. The other tracks sound great!





Feels So Right

She’s the One



Big Bounce

The Way You Sway

Diamond in the Sun


Alter Ego

Blake Aaron