I have been following the Bahama Soul Club for years with their tropical soul jazz sound. Inspirer Oliver Belz, who was born in Germany, but now lives in the Algarve in Portugal, produced their latest CD, which I received.

It is their sixth album and a commitment to a colorful community, inspired by the blissful energies of the sun-drenched Algarve coast and the multicultural spirit of tattooed wave riders, spiritual seekers, rainbow healers, mystical girls and dreadlocked beauties.

Add to that the funky smell of sandier flip flops, and you get this tropical soul jazz, roots reggae and exotic grooves. Those cool vibes and hints of reggae are mixed with 70s rock, traditional rhythms and beats and sounds from the south west of the Algarve. The album was largely recorded with local legends. Drugged troubadours, poetic pirates and tough rebels.

The songs were born from a vague idea after the release of 'Bohemia After Dawn', the last album in which some befriended artists from the Algarve already participated. When a sunny afternoon and jam turns into a sunset session that lasts into the morning, a special magic reigns nearby. Those jams are then recorded, and you can hear them. This album features Josephine Nightingale, Tiago Saga, Ally Garrido, Naomi Falcon, Cutty Wren, Hedvig Larsson, Chicks on Beer, etc. And Oliver took care of almost all the songs, and produced them too.

And from the first notes of 'Surfing Zavial' you are absorbed in that swinging Cuban/Afro sound. Then 'Hangout takes you to reggae sounds, but 'The Rooster Calls' swings again. 'Zambujeira' is such a wonderful, loosely hip-swaying instrumental, after which 'Porto de Abrigo' takes it easy. Reggae rears its head again with 'Till I Landed' followed by even more of that sun drenched sound on 'Ganja Day'.

Somewhat funkier sounds 'Just Dancing' and 'Land of the Healers and Dealers' describes the "couleur locale". The instrumental track 'Rui's Garage' closes, but don't worry because you get 2 more bonus tracks. Those are the 'Hangout Radio Cut' in that blissfully relaxing reggae atmosphere, and 'Blue Tides', which is actually the instrumental version of 'Porto de Abrigo'.

An absolute must to capture that summery atmosphere! So dance along to that relaxed mix of soul jazz, Cuban, reggae and Afro rhythms. Strongly recommended!



Surfing Zavial


The Rooster Calls


Porto de Abrigo

Till I Landed

Ganja Day

Just Dancing

Land of the Healers and Dealers

Ruiís Garage

Hangout Radio Cut

Blue Tides

Bahama Soul Club