Russian artist Artur Bayramgalin was born in 1974 in Ufa. The son of a popular local artist, he made a name for himself on the Russian music scene at the age of twenty-two performing with well-known artists.

In recent years he has worked both solo and with other artists. He combines smooth & acid jazz, New Age and chill-out, electronics and folk to arrive at a new sound.

In 2009 his debut album 'Interro Island' was released, and the following year it was the turn of 'Electric Breezz'. In 2014 the third album 'Perfect Day' saw the light of day, and a year later it was the turn of 'My Seasons'. ‘Let's Talk’ was the first album released in 2017 on the new label Lemon Jazz Records.

And now this new EP has been released digitally, which contains remakes of some of his past tracks. There are only 3 tracks on it, starting with the Jazz Hop version of 'Toronto Lights'. It does indeed sound like a nice fusion between smooth jazz, hip hop and chill-out.

Then it is the turn of the Jazz Hop version of 'Bay Street' on which trumpet plays an important role. The closing is the relaxed Jazz Hop version of 'Looking At The Sky' with this time Anton Buzz on sax.

Artur uses catchy melodies, cool grooves and a positive attitude. Another nice introduction!




1. Toronto Lights (Jazz Hop Version)
2. Bay Street (Jazz Hop Version)
3. Looking At The Sky (Jazz Hop Version)