The German pianist, guitarist, composer, painter and producer Robert Christa is involved in jazz fusion and film music. To achieve this he collaborates with musicians from all over the world.

I used to review two of his CDs for another site: 'Nightflight to Rio' and 'City Lights'. Now he has taken a different tack and made a CD with chill-out music.

For that he composed 10 tracks and plays keyboards and guitar. It was a challenge for him to also play jazz guitar as a keyboard player, but that dream came true!

The instrumental music indeed sounds relaxed and fits perfectly with those kinds of moments, such as on the beach, at the bar, or in the evening around the fireplace. As Robert himself writes: “crispy ducky jazzy chillout music.. is not hot but cool”. Joyce Sample's singing or voice can be heard on some tracks.

Nice to immerse yourself in that relaxed atmosphere!





Prosecco at Midnight

Chill & Thrill

Hotel Majorca

Call You up

Balcony Love

La Hora Azul

Some Day

You’ve Got What I Want

You Are There for Me

Not Hot but Cool

Robert Christa