This CD is actually the story of the Sicilian poet and writer Antonio Caldarella. Cettina Donato, an Italian pianist and composer, has entered into a collaboration with actor Antonio “Nini” Bruschetta.

This CD dates from last year, and it is their second collaboration. The tracks were all composed by Concetta Donato, and are based on Caldarella's work.

In this way, this CD offers a new facet of Sicily, of a poetic and literary nature. "Poetry became song and these are our songs, or rather our stories," Bruschetta reflects. "Cettina's, mine, Antonio's and AlfaMusic's, all together; stories of jazz, poetry, alcohol and above all stories of love."

In addition, the Strait of Messina, located between the eastern side of Sicily and the western side of Calabria, is of artistic inspiration. After all, Caldarella was born in Avola in Sicily, but grew up in Naples. Bruschetta took care of the vocals, while Cettina plays the piano and percussion.

The album actually balances between acting and singing, against a jazzy background. It contains 10 tracks, 2 of which are a prelude for piano. Furthermore, both receive help from saxophonist Dario Cecchini, double bass player Dario Rosciglione and drummer Mimmo Campanale.

Actress and singer Celeste Gugliandolo, who has appeared on X Factor Italia in 2011 with I Moderni, is a featured special guest on one track.

A must for those who are literary minded.



I Siciliani


1. Corcovado
2. Wave
3. Vivo sonhando (Dreamer)
4. A felicidade
5. Agua de beber
6. Favela (Somewhere in the hills)
7. Samba de uma nota so
8. Agua de março (La pioggia di Marzo)
9. Fotografia (Photograph)