When the Corona pandemic hit in 2020, and the world locked itself at home, singer and author Melissa Errico suddenly returned to one of her lifelong obsessions, which was "noir".

That dark, unsettling sense of intractable fatalism that Parisian existentialists discovered in 1940s American movies. With Adam Gopnik, Melissa curated a series of film noir classics at New York's FIAF, appeared in the New York Times with an essay on a custom-made black dress portraying a "femme fatale," and offered Manhattan a concert of " noir” songs.

Now all those loose ends have been brought together in this new recording where Melissa shows herself as a very sexy, sensual lady. In doing so, she tells a complete story of hope, despair, and renewed hope.

However, it has not become a retro project, but contains 4 new songs by Michel Legrand, David Shire and the late Peter Foley, all arranged on arrangements by pianist Tedd Firth. Melissa wanted to paint a picture of the 52nd Street jazz club, of the doomed and inscrutable singer, of nightclub gangsters and exiled French poets.

She's been on the road for 30 years, on and off Broadway, on TV and in movies, and even as an author. From the opener 'Angel Eyes' you end up in the atmosphere of a smoky jazz club, accompanied by a piano. On 'With Every Breath I Take' you can hear saxophonist David Mann, followed by 'It Was Written in the Stars'. 'The Bad and The Beautiful' sounds rather melancholic, followed by the dreamy 'Haunted Heart'.

Michel Legrand's 'Amour, Amour' is more cheerful, while 'Silent Partner' harks back to that real "film noir" feeling. In 'Farewell, My Lovely' Melissa sings about a failed relationship, followed by Johnny Mercer's classic 'Laura', which is reminiscent of a slightly hip-swaying bossa nova.

'Blame It On My Youth' sounds melancholic again, but 'Checkin' My Heart' is Melissa's pleasure. "On Vit, On Aime" is an original track, and on "La Solitude" she sings in French. 'The Man that Got Away' is also bathed in that melancholic atmosphere, followed by a cover of the classic 'Detour Ahead'. The acoustic 'Shadows and Light' precedes the well-known closing track 'Again'.

A successful tribute to that bygone “film noir” atmosphere, if you ask me!



Melissa Errico


Angel Eyes
With Every Breath I Take
It Was Written in the Stars
The Bad and The Beautiful
Haunted Heart
Amour Amour
Silent Partner
Farewell, My Lovely
Blame It On My Youth
Checkin’ My Heart
On Vit, On Aime
La Solitude
The Man that Got Away
Detour Ahead
Shadows and Light


Piano: Tedd Firth
Bass: Lorin Cohen
Drums: Eric Halvorson
Guitar: Bob Mann
Vibes: Joe Locke
Percussion: Kevin Winard
Trumpet: Scott Wendholt
Saxophone: David Mann
Cello: Richard Locker

All Musical Arrangements by Tedd Firth