At the age of five, the Italian Antongiulio Foti started playing the piano. Besides classical, jazz and improvisations were his preference. Five years later, he was among the winners of a national competition with an original composition.

At fourteen, he received a scholarship to the famous Berklee College in Boston, and four years later he moved to NYC to continue his studies at the Manhattan School of Music.

At twenty-one he now releases his debut album, with original compositions. He then plays with Jacopo Ferrazza (double bass), Ettore Fioravanti (drums) and guest artists Rosario Giullani (alto sax) and Daniela Spalletta (vocals).

Together they bring a musical experience from different traditions, spiced with Antongiulio's musical exploration. Some tracks are closer to his roots than others. But all have a strong connection to his research, from Afro-Cuban rhythms through multidimensional geometry to the discovery of cave paintings in the south of France, finally returning to the Mediterranean.

Antongiulio composed all tracks himself, except for 'Mediterraneo'. Hermes is obviously about the messenger of the gods, and the title track refers to the first element the listener hears.

So embrace your own principles and values, guided by the realization of the principles of freshness, sincerity and beauty. All this, of course, seasoned with the necessary improvisations.



Antonguilio Foti


1. Hold Fast
2. Elastic Bands
3. Hermes
4. Suite Mediterranea: Seikilos
5. Suite Mediterranea: Mediterraneo
6. Tesseract
7. La découverte de Lascaux
8. Mokongo Ma’ Chevere