This CD comes from Italy by the Fuccelli Fisarmony Orchestra, which dates from last year. This symphonic orchestra consists of about 18 musicians, conducted by Roberto Fuccelli.

Several accordionists (I count about eight) are part of this band, and this unique group is famous in Italy for its innovative compositions.

'Inner Gravity' introduces this disc, a swinging song with a trombone solo by Fabrizio Bosso. The theme from the movie 'Pirates of the Carribean' or 'Pirati dei Caraibi' follows, after which we stay in the film world with the theme from 'Once Upon a Time in America' by Ennio Morricone, or 'C'era una volta in America'.

Fabrizio Bosso then returns with his trombone for a solo on the southern-looking 'Primavera Porteña'. The title track is a Brazilian samba, after which 'L'Italiana in Algeri' takes us back to Mediterranean regions. 'Un amore così grande' is a sung ballad, followed by the 'Opale Concerto', which breaks down into 3 'movimento'.

An album that will appeal to lovers of accordion music, here in the setting of a symphonic orchestra.



Fuccelli Fisarmony Orchestra


1. Inner Gravity
2. Pirati dei Caraibi
3. C’era una volta in America
4. Primavera Porteña
5. LinAura
6. L’Italiana in Algeri
7. Un amore così grande
8. I movimento
9. II movimento
10. III movimento