CeCe Gable is a remarkable jazz singer. She has already sung in clubs in the USA, Europe and Japan, and has already released 4 CDs, with critical acclaim.

CeCe hails from Barberton, Ohio, but now lives in the Reno Tahoe area. She is also an author, lyricist, composer and publisher. And while her repertoire spans genres spanning several decades, she is best known for her interpretations of “the American Songbook”.

However, CeCe is a late bloomer, whose former passion for dance eventually pushed aside for jazz. She has refined her singing talent over the past thirty years and appreciates the classics.

For this new album she was assisted by bassist Harvie S, guitarist Roni Ben-Hur, pianist Alan Broadbent and drummer Matt Wilson. The opener is the title track, a hopeful waltz, after which 'No Moon at all' tends to swing. 'Two for the Road' is a Henry Mancini cover, followed by another such cover, namely 'Just One of Those Things'.

'Like a Lover (O Cantador)' leads us to a Brazilian atmosphere, after which 'I'm Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life' was reworked into a swing song. This is followed by 'The Last Goodbye', the swinging 'My Romance', the ballad 'Moments Like this', and a cover of the standard 'Come Rain or Come Shine', with bass accompaniment. The closing track 'From Me to You' floats on the tones of a light samba.

CeCe Gable knows how to empathize with her repertoire and bring that soft jazz to life. A nice discovery!



CeCe Gable


1. Next Year’s Song
2. No Moon at all
3. Two for the Road
4. Just one of those Things
5. Like a Lover (O Cantador)
6. I’m Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life
7. The Last Goodbye
8. My Romance
9. Moments Like this
10. Come Rain or Come Shine
11. From Me to You