The French guitarist Christophe Goze, who now lives in Barcelona, has been featured here several times. Now he sent me this album, which actually dates from 2018.

He is assisted by Frederic Langlais on accordion & bandoneon, Matthieu Rabatte & Laurent Faucheux on drums and Roberto Briot on bass. The album contains 8 tracks, all of which are labeled “revised version”, i.e. they have previously been released on other albums.

Christophe himself says: “As this summer is ending allow me to take you on a journey to revisit a chapter of my musical evolution with an album that has stood the test of time. 'Reminiscence' stands as a pinnacle among my released albums. At its heart lies the unmistakable essence of the “Jazzy Lounge” sound that has shaped my musical journey.”

Central here is the top single 'I Will Always Love You', which was streamed no fewer than 4 million times on Spotify. But the other tracks are great! The beautiful 'A New Beginning' has a synthesizer sound, supported by guitar, flute and percussion. The relaxed 'Cielo' follows with guitar and accordion.

The single 'I Will Always Love You' has nothing to do with the hit of the late Whitney Houston of the same name, but is a romantic ballad. And 'Jardin d'hivers' is a cover of the famous hit by Henri Salvador. On 'Memory of You' Christophe paints a picture of a memory of a loved one, in a Parisian atmosphere.

Then 'Mourir d'aimer' brings the feeling of love pain, which makes you think that it will kill you. There is some Eastern atmosphere woven into this. 'Someday I Will' sounds melancholic, after which 'Waiting for You' closes in a jazzy and relaxed way.

A beautiful album, with hints of lounge, jazz and world music. To enjoy in peace!





A New Beginning - Revised version

Cielo - Revised version

I will Always love You - Revised version

Jardin d'hivers - Revised version

Memory of You - Revised version

Mourir d'aimer - Revised version

Someday I Will - Revised version

Waiting For You - Revised version

Christophe Goze