Recently the second album of the Italian singer-songwriter Sara Jane from Livorno was released on the Alfa Music label. Its translation is: “We Are Not All Heroes”.

Sara is assisted by only female artists, which are: Vanessa Cremaschi (violins and viola), Giovanna Famulari (cello), Ornella D'Urbano (piano), Elisabetta Rossi (harp), Marcella Carboni (harp), Samantha Binotti ( vibraphone), Veronica Perego (double bass), Laura Klain (drums), Laura Rocchegiani (saxophones), Valeria Sturba (Theremin), Laura Avanzolini (voice), Barbara Piperno (voice) and Lorena Chiarelli (voice).

Sara Jane said of this project: “My writing has focused on the string quartet, as a continuum of my expressive medium, in accompaniment of my voice, alone and combined with various harmonic instruments such as piano, harp, vibraphone, but also choir and rhythm.

The dry reinterpretation of the orchestral counterpoint of the 1960s has gradually been transformed into the paraphrase of Gianni Marchetti's piano phrasing, historical collaborator and author of much of Ciampi's music. I wanted to play with the meanings of some pieces, overlapping their lyrics and I chose to respect the irregularity of the metric of some pieces, devoid of the common squares, releasing the rhythmic spontaneity of the poem. In this way I decoded the complexity of the melodies, smoothed out but not canceled out, by Ciampi's screamed phrasing.”

The music sounds like folk, but poetic. Not really my thing!



Sara Jane


1. Non Siamo Tutti Eroi
2. Sporca Estate
3. Tu con la Testa
4. Andare Camminare Lavorare
5. Barbara non c'è
6. Tu no - La Colpa è Tua - Non Chiedermi più
7. Qualcuno Tornerà
8. Confesso
9. Hai Lasciato a Casa il Tuo Sorriso
10. Tento Tanto (Te lo faccio vedere chi sono io)
11. L'Amore è Tutto Qui