I have been following the American saxophonist Darren Motamedy with his smooth & contemporary jazz music for many years. Now, however, he has taken a completely different tack and delivered an album with spiritual songs.

However, they are not gospel or Christian songs, but songs that refer to spirituality, the here and now, but also about people who have passed away and their journey.

I'll let Darren speak for himself: “Music and art are among the purest forms of emotional expression. Friendships, love, nature, my family and friends have all been vehicles for composing this album. Additionally, books like ‘A New Earth’, ‘The Power of Now’, ‘”The Four Agreements’, and ‘The Secret’ have inspired me to practice meditation and focus on connecting with the energy that flows through all things in the universe flows. The intention is for you to enjoy this recording by listening to it in its entirety. That's why I've combined all 15 songs into one recording that transitions seamlessly from one audio gem to the next. The best listening is done with headphones. I hope you can find an hour of peace in your life while listening to this collection of songs I created. Let the music take you to your special place.”

So Darren composed most of the tracks himself. In the title track he is grateful for his life, his health, his family, his students, his friends and his music. Bryan Kean sings on 'Angel Wings', and that track is dedicated to a neighbor Patty, who has passed away. He wrote 'Solitude' together with Eugene Bien during the pandemic.

On 'Feel the Presence' you hear vocalist Justin Vogel, and the inspiration for this came from the books of Eckhart Tolle. After all, you have to live in the present, because you can't change anything about yesterday, and tomorrow is no guarantee that it will come. And on the closing track 'Spirit Flows Through Me', vocalist Bryan Kean is a guest again. This song is about the 13th century poet Rumi.

A special album, highly recommended for those who are spiritually inclined.





Angel Wings

Buddhist Chant

Feel the Presence

Fly Away




Oh Creator Hear My Cry

Segue to Namaste

Segue to Oh Creator Hear My Cry

Segue into the Bab


Spirit Flows Through Me

The Bab

The Healer

Darren Motamedy