The American composer and musician Mike Murray has already been discussed here. Now his latest album 'Cocktails' has arrived here, and it contains an enchanting musical journey through the diverse flavors of jazz.

This six-track hybrid jazz album is your passport to a world of musical mixology, combining the timeless elegance of classic smooth jazz with the vibrant impulse of contemporary trends. Each song is a unique cocktail of melodies, offering a range of tempos and vibrations, ensuring there is something to tickle every musical palate.

Mike opens with the funky 'Groove & Sip', followed by 'Moonlit Libations', on which you can relax wonderfully in the moonlight. We obviously know the phrase 'Shaken not Stirred' from the James Bond films, as his favorite Martini. Here that track is the single, a unique mix of up-tempo energy and chill-out vibes. In other words, smooth jazz with upbeat rhythm. 'Sip licity' follows in a relaxed mid-tempo, after which 'Tales from the Velvet Couch' continues the same rhythm. Closing track 'Urban Echoes' once again lets you sink back into a relaxed chill-out atmosphere.

All in all, this album lets you enjoy a night out in a city. As Mike himself says: “It's the perfect soundtrack for those moments of relaxation and celebration”. So sip your cocktail, enjoy but remember to drink in moderation!





Groove & Sip

Moonlit Libations

Shaken not Stirred

Sip licity

Tales from the Velvet Couch

Urban Echoes

Mike Murray