When Ivana Muscoso started a collaboration with Neapolitan bassist and double bassist Mario Mazzaro in 2019, and his beautiful arrangement ideas, she started playing Jobim like never before.

Indeed, this CD is entirely devoted to the songs of the late Antonio Carlos Jobim (the architect of Brazilian bossa nova), and Ivana Muscoso (piano, keyboards and voice), Mario Mazzaro (bass & double bass) and Salvatore Rainone (drums ) recorded it at the Smile studios in Naples.

Jobim's songs are updated somewhat, and interspersed with arrangements with atmospheres borrowed from Afro-American music, sometimes suspended, sometimes surprisingly funky, soulful and jazzy.

Ivana's piano and voice are always at the forefront, although the songs have found a different, more modern way than the original tracks. And those songs are sometimes well known, like 'Corcovado', 'Wave', 'A felicidade', 'Agua de beber', 'Agua de março' etc.

It takes some getting used to these new versions, but I still keep the original prefer.



Ivana Muscosa


1. Corcovado
2. Wave
3. Vivo sonhando (Dreamer)
4. A felicidade
5. Agua de beber
6. Favela (Somewhere in the hills)
7. Samba de uma nota so
8. Agua de março (La pioggia di Marzo)
9. Fotografia (Photograph)