Despite the differences in culture, background and nationality, the Japanese Atzko Kohashi (piano) and the Dutchman Tony Overwater (double bass) found each other in Amsterdam.

Both have common roots in jazz improvisation. The duo portrays the spiritual world of John Coltrane, and respectfully play his compositions from the album 'Crescent'. Their combined sound consists of a mosaic of different colors and shapes. In doing so, they respect their differences.

"We want to deliver the purest and the most honest sound to audience" were their own words. The album was recorded in February last year in Beauforthuis, in a former church in Austerlitz, during the pandemic.

It was released five months later in Japan, and now it's available here on Challenge Records/New Arts International.

In addition, the crescent moon represents a prayer to realize dreams and hopes. "Wise One", "Lonnie's Lament", "Crescent" and "Mr. Syms' are all four tracks by Coltrane, where blues and jazz come together.

'What's New' is a composition by Bob Haggart, and a little further on is 'De Boot' an original track by Overwater. Charlie Haden is also represented with 'Nightfall' and with 'Our Spanish Love Song'.

Jule Styne's 'As Long As There's Music' concludes.

The interplay between the two musicians can be called successful. A must if you are not averse to improvisations.



Tony Overwater

Atzko Kohashi


1. Wise One
2. What’s New
3. Lonnie’s Lament
4. De Boot
5. Crescent
6. Nightfall
7. Mr. Syms
8. Our Spanish Love Song
9. As Long As There's Music