One day pianist Fabrizio Mocata, double bassist Gianmarco Scaglia and drummer Paul Wertico went into the studio to enjoy playing music. The intention was not really to record an album, but after a while they decided to put it on CD.

Paul Wertico was born on 5/1/1953 in Chicago and is regarded as one of the most versatile and musical drummers. Between 1983 and 2001 he played with the Pat Metheny Group and won seven Grammy Awards (for “Best Jazz Fusion Performance”, “Best Contemporary Jazz Performance” and “Best Rock Instrumental Performance”).

The three friends wrote all the tracks themselves, and added one cover. From the beginning of the opening track 'Buongiorno Roma' you can hear that improvisations set the tone here. And they clearly enjoy it.

'L'elogio delle cose semplici' sounds soft, followed by plenty of improvisation on 'Aria'. 'Modestina' is the next track, followed by the 'Trilogy Suite', which consists of: 'Phone Messages', 'Blind Butterfly' and 'Brushing Up On A Few Things'. 'Dave' starts with a bass solo, followed by 'Buonasera Roma'.

Next up is a trip over to Brazil for the rousing 'Tree-Headed Tower Samba', and the closing track 'Vecchio Frak' is the only cover. It is based on an Italian pop music classic, Domenico Modugno's "Vecchio Frak".

A CD that will especially appeal to fans of improvised jazz, but less so to me.



Paul Wertico


1. Buongiorno Roma
2. L’elogio delle cose semplici
3. Aria
4. Modestina
5. Trilogy Suite: Phone Messages, Blind Butterfly, Brushing Up On A Few Things
6. Dave
7. Buonasera Roma
8. Tree-Headed Tower Samba
9. Vecchio Frak