Brazilian guitarist & singer Sergio Pereira will release his third album tomorrow, on the Spanish label Sedajazz Records. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he started playing acoustic guitar at the age of eight.

Later on, Sergio was influenced by bossa nova giants such as Joao Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Carlos Lyra, Joao Donato, Marcos Valle etc. During the 1980s he moved to New York and studied with jazz greats such as Chuck Wayne, Sal Salvador, Alex Adrian, Hui Cox, and Joe Carter. He has performed all over the world since the 1990s.

This third album again reflects all the emotions, energy and dynamism he experienced growing up in Rio. It was co-produced by drummer Mauricio Zottarelli and recorded during the 2019 & 2020 pandemic. Sergio is assisted by no less than 20 musicians and brings magic, joy and positivism during these strange times.

There are 10 tracks on it, and Sergio opens with the beautiful bossa nova 'White Lion', which also features contemporary jazz guitarist Reza Khan. 'Morning Mist' continues in the same atmosphere, after which the Brazilian samba sounds on 'Samba de Outono' remind me of the above-mentioned masters in that genre.

The title track follows and the bossa nova 'Quase 9' is graced by the sax of Ralph Moore. Then I reach out to Sergio on 'Give Me 5' with harmonica by Gabriel Grossi. 'Desfilando a Vitória' sounds like a cheerful round dance, after which the beautiful 'Let It Out' can count on the saxes, flute and keyboard of David Mann.

On 'Frio Lugar' Paula Santoro sings and the closing track 'Dreamsville' is a subdued bossa, which indeed sounds a bit dreamy.

A very nice introduction for me with Sergio Pereira, because I am a lover of Brazilian music. Tropical, sunny music to get through these difficult Corona times.



Sergio Pereira


1. White Lion
2. Morning Mist
3. Samba de Outono
4. Finesse
5. Quase 9
6. Give Me 5
7. Desfilando a Vitória
8. Let It Out
9. Frio Lugar
10. Dreamsville