The band Resolution 88 is all about funk on Fender Rhodes. It consists of Tom O'Grady (keyboards), Tiago Coimbra (bass), Alex Hitchcock (sax), Ric Elsworth (drums) and Oli Blake (percussion).

Add to that guest musicians such as Tom Smith on tenor and soprano sax and bass clarinet, and singer Vanessa Haynes, and the line-up for their fourth CD is complete.

It contains 8 tracks that take the band in a new direction, while still retaining the traditional Fender Rhodes and synthesizer sound of Herbie Hancock and Toby Smith. Previously they added orchestral overdubs (as Herbie Hancock did on 'Manchild'), but now extra synthesizers have been added. Tom O'Grady now used Mellotron, Echoplex, Oberheim and glockenspiel, among others.

The title track inspired Japanese artist Tokyo Aoyama, and is a tribute to Japanese artists such as Nobuhiro Nakanishi (cover Herbie Hancock's 'Flood').

'The Boss from Boston' opens with a funky bassline, in the style of Marcus Miller. The instrumental 'Love Will Come Around' (which returns in a vocal version at the end) is the next track, followed by 'Sky High (for Larry and Fonce)' which is a tribute to the Mizell brothers, whose productions from the seventies are loved everywhere.

A sparse atmospheric groove opens 'Never Ever Ever', after which an Odyssey and Oberheim solo join. 'Shriffty' is classic jazz funk, with a nod to Herbie Hancock and Patrice Rushen. Then there is time for a quiet moment with 'Final Approach', which lands a plane on the tarmac at night. The title track lasts no less than 8 minutes and opens cosmically. Then he turns into fusion. The closing is the sung version of 'Love Will Come Around' with singer Vanessa Haynes.

A funky CD, with an eye for jazz and fusion. For those who want to look a little further!





The Boss from Boston

Love Will Come Around (instrumentaal)

Sky High (for Larry and Fonce)

Never Ever Ever


Final Approach


Love Will Come Around (vocaal)

Resolution 88