American guitarist Randy Roos currently serves on the guitar faculty at Berklee College of Music, and has delivered numerous musical scores for TV.

You can also listen to him on recordings with Mike Stern, Mick Goodrick, Steve Swallow, Bruce Bartlett and Victor Bailey. His home studio is in New Hampshire's Squam Lake.

Bassist Mike Rossi has played in a variety of live and studio bands over the past 30 years. And drummer/percussionist Tim Gilmore has performed with Richie Cole, Lester Bowie, Sheila Jordan, Tower of Power etc. He is also an active teacher and clinician with Adventures with Jazz, National Youngarts Foundation and Sabian Education Network.

Together with guest musicians John Carlson (trumpet) and Steve Hunt (keyboards) they have now set up a new project, which would probably result in an inaccurate impression of what the music actually is.

There was minimal (if any) predetermined structure involved, but the five pieces each exhibit a level of coherence and groove that belies that degree of freedom. These musicians have played together in a wide variety of environments and a form of telepathy has developed that has led to what is probably best described as 'spontaneous composition' rather than 'free jazz'.

The emphasis is on color, texture, feeling and sometimes a meditative atmosphere. Two albums of music were produced in five fairly effortless recording sessions. Volume Two will be released at a later date. Randy Roos, Mike Rossi, Tim Gilmore composed all 5 tracks together, which indeed sound partly groovy, but also contain improvisations. And yet there is a meditative side to their music.

So for those who are not averse to experimenting!



Generation Whatever

Morning Light



Uke in Asia