American saxophonist Phil Walker was always drawn to music. He plucked at the piano at an early age, and of course lessons came from that.

But Phil then resolutely chose the saxophone, and was even one of the 800 students who participated in the opening ceremony of the 1984 LA Olympics.

It wasn't until 1997 that he began to put together a band of his own, but a diagnosis of a hearing problem threw a spanner in the works.

However, Phil bought a keyboard and began composing songs. A promo agent heard this and contacted him to perform in the supporting act of the "Guitars and Saxes Show" with Richard Elliot, Peter White, and Craig Chaquicco.

Following this, Phil released his debut album 'Better Late Than Never', followed by 'Passion Thing' in 2000. He toured extensively, however, and appeared on stage with several big names in the smooth jazz genre.

Now his latest CD has been released, and it opens with the title track, a beautiful cover of Phil Collins' well-known hit. 'Summer Lovers' is an upbeat track with Richard Smith on guitar, after which 'Passion Thing' comes across as seductive.

The beautiful 'Gotta Luv it' features guitarist Richard Smith again, followed by 'Heart of Gold'. Guitarist Steve Oliver can be heard on the ballad 'Missing You', while the funky Rufus classic 'Tell Me Something Good' then blares through the boxes.

'Raindance' is the next upbeat track, followed by 'Castles in the Mist'. Phil wonders on the ballad 'When Is Forever?' when forever will come, and 'Miami Amour' is a danceable Latin track, which closes with party cheer.

A very fun and interesting introduction to this talented smooth jazz saxophonist! I want more!



Phil Walker


1. In the Air Tonight
2. Summer Lovers
3. Passion Thing
4. Gotta Luv it
5. Heart of Gold
6. Missing You
7. Tell Me Something Good
8. Raindance
9. Castles in the Mist
10. When Is Forever?
11. Miami Amour

Copied from Cultuurmania with permission of the author.