Hiromi “Another Mind”


Occasionally an artist appears with talent that transcends the scope of normality and now we have this phenomenal new pianist named Hiromi Uehara from Shizuoka, Japan that explodes on the music seen with unheralded momentum fusing the gap of jazz, classical and rock. At 24 “Hiromi” makes her debut on Telarc Jazz titled “Another Mind” produced by legendary pianist Ahmad Jamal & Richard Evans. During her early childhood she started playing piano at the age of 6, at this time Hiromi’s piano teacher Noriko Hikida had a very unusual vocal approach to teaching using this method (Play Red, meaning “needs to sound like Dad, next Play Warm and Slow “needs to sound like Mom”). Hiromi said, “my teacher taught me to play music from my heart, not just technically. She always sang melody along with my piano playing so that I could sing these lines in my heart”! Hiromi’s talent exceeds her youthfulness as an artist, yes; Hiromi’s intensive piano training and other musical influences are apparent here on her debut titled “Another Mind”.  

The Players: Mitch Cohn ~ Bass, Dave DiCenso ~ Drums, with quests Anthony Jackson ~ Bass, Jim Odgren ~ Alto Saxophone, Dave Fiuczynski ~ Guitar, Hiromi Uehara ~ Piano, produced by Richard Evans & Ahmad Jamal. 

Described in Hiromi’s liner notes: (in reference to her musical style): “I want my piano trio to sound different, “Bigger” … The opening track titled “XYZ” on “Another Mind” is an example of Hiromi’s musical concept accelerating with complex execution, a fusion of classical and jazz in a trio setting making her piano on “XYZ” sound “Bigger” then life featuring the talents of band mates Cohn ~ Bass and DiCenso plays drums.  

Double Personality” the next track sounds like Hendrix meets, Oscar Peterson (her all time favorite jazz pianist) sandwiched into a provocative exploration of fusion featuring guitarist David Fiuczynski along with alto saxophonist Jim Odgren. Hiromi clearly focuses on her technical prowess only wavering occasionally with melodic interventions.  

In a quartet, setting pianist Hiromi’s gives us a track called “Summer Rain” fusing the accessible sax flavorings of Odgrens’s. “Summer Rain” highlights a complex yet listener friendly hooks and grooves of contemporary jazz. 

Hiromi switches gears compositionally with apiece dipped in the blues called “Joy”. I can undoubtedly hear why Ahmad Jamal is so attracted to her playing without any hesitation Hiromi takes care of business by flawlessly running chords, and scales in perpetual motion. Hiromi’s solos are eloquent yet filled with an abundance of improvisional bliss and alluring soulful-ness that Ahmad can respectfully admire.   

010101 (Binary System)” immediately falls into a funk laced groove; Hiromi’s electric keyboard accents this track with a funky accordion appeal. Hiromi, changes gears with a short acoustic trio swing; the melodies are graciously sharp in order to return with funk filled chops of her electric keys. The title of this selection is clear evidence that the structure of this composition flip-flops “010101” within the tapestry of the binary code. 

Hiromi’s elegant playing style adapts to change rapidly in within the contents of her composition stylings therefore; “Truth and Lies” is one of the most listen able yet challenging tracks on this recording. She runs the keys softly with unyielding propose, in a moments notice she attacks the solo vivaciously while engaging in the spirit of piano splendor.  

Dancando No Paraiso” is an introduction to Hiromi’s appetite for Latin Jazz. Hiromi approaches this composition with reverie executing each note harmonically within the rim of mesmerizing melodies. 

Hiromi’s piano echoes in a cathedral like tone (bigger) as the intro of the title track “Another Mind” begins, her band mates Cohn and DiCenso converge into a moments of inspiration anchoring the compelling energy of pianist Hiromi.  

The Tom and Jerry Show” the last selection that appears on “Another Mind” is a solo piano piece that captures the essence of Hiromi’s humor and technical chemistry as a pianist melting them into the voice of Hiromi.  

Hiromi’s technical brilliance and heartfelt artistry cascades seamlessly throughout this project; therefore, she’s accomplishes her mission by sounding “Bigger” while collectively drawing the listener into relishing her improvisational scores that are impeccability delicious. A word of Caution here, “Another Mind” is not for the faint of heart, or one that is fearful of musical improvisation. If you’re into a fusion of jazz spiced with a potpourri of classical overtures with rock solid passages this record is undoubtedly for you. Hiromi’s talent exceeds the avenues of identifiable measure; this wonderfully gifted piano prodigy is blessed with an amazing repertoire of chops that could very well be savored for years to come. 

Recommended too and for music adventurous!