Kent Jordan  - Essence


New Orleans native and flutist Kent Jordan is one of an infinite number of prolific musicians that swells from within the concrete jungle of the Crescent City. In 1988, Jordan recorded and released his third record titled “Essence,” on Columbia Records. His previous efforts (No Question and Night Aire) where produced and marketed for the commercial climate. Even though, I liked them both, these projects didn’t quite live up to expectations. Therefore, becoming “somewhat of a disappointment in the jazz community”. “Essence,” is my overall personal favorite of the three recordings.  

What I found most appealing about “Essence” is Jordan’s innate ability encompass art from within the scope of his buoyant voice and compelling musical arrangements. “Curtain Call,“ the opening track penned by bassist Elton Heron is an expressive piece that allows Jordan room to inflate and evoke his splendor flawlessly (via enriched melodies). There are numerous classics’ like Monk’s Well You Needn’t, and Trane’s Moments Notice that grace this marveling project. But also, keep in mind his exceptional sidemen such as pianists Kenny Barron, Darrell Lavigne & Billy Childs, bassist Ron Carter, Elton Heron & Dave Holland, guitarist Kevin Eubanks, drummers Jack DeJohnette, Tommy Campbell and Al Foster, along with his younger brother Marlon Jordan trumpet and Branford Marsalis on saxophone. With this lineup interjecting their expansive and infallible skills to this seven-song collection is definitely one communion you can’t help but absorb each brilliant solo and arrangement with admiration and enthusiasm. 



Total Tracks - 7


  1. Curtain Call – (Elton Heron)
  2. Essence – (Elton Heron)
  3. Rio – (Wayne Shorter)
  4. Well You Needn’t (Thelonious Monk)
  5. Moments Notice (John Coltrane)
  6. Stella by Starlight (Victor Young & Ned Washington)
  7. Stablemates (Benny Golson)


Total Play Time – 40:22


Produced by Kent Jordan for Columbia Records © 1988


Genre: Jazz (Traditional)


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